Cortex-M Fault Decoder

Before I bore you with more text, you can get my Fault Decoder from github here. I put in a lot of comments so hopefully you can understand how it works. Please feel free to use it and I welcome suggestions for improvement.

If you have spent much time at all debugging using a Cortex-M based MCU, then you have probably encountered the Hard Fault. I'm not going to explain the Cortex-M fault system here, but it is a very useful mechanism that traps the system state when something goes wrong and provides clues needed to figure out the cause of the fault. more ...

Wall Mount TV Without Drilling Holes

This does not have anything to do with electronics but I thought someone might find it useful. I have a room in my house that has stucco walls. I recently had the walls patched and repainted. I wanted to mount my TV on the wall but I did not want to make any holes in my nice new walls. I found a way to do this using some "Ikea Hacking".

Photo of wall mount TV

more ...

Servo BoosterPack

Photo of hexapod wiring

A co-worker made me aware of a relatively inexpensive hexapod kit from Sparkfun. I have always liked hexapods and wanted to try working on one myself but all the kits I found seemed ridiculously expensive to me. So when I found out about this one I bought one on a whim. more ...